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The Taco-Eating Contest will feature restaurants and food trucks from around Connecticut. 

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Lucha Libre Wrestling

Mexican Wrestling, or "Lucha Libre," provides fun entertainment for the whole family. Eat the best tacos CT has to offer while experiencing some of the biggest names in wrestling, including Rey Mysterio.

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Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio Jr. has to be considered the greatest masked wrestler of all time for his accolades on both the international circuit and the national wrestling scene.  

Unlike the majority of his fellow masked competitors, Rey Mysterio became a huge star in America in addition to his fame in Mexico.  

The product in San Diego competed in WCW, where he was the most popular cruiserweight, and even holds victories over the likes of Kevin Nash despite his diminutive frame.  Mysterio didn't miss a beat when he eventually signed with WWE to do everything that the Último Dragón was supposed to do but didn't.  

Mysterio inherited his gimmick from his uncle Rey Mysterio Sr., and like many next-generation Lucha Libres, he surpassed his predecessor on the strength of a career that will be considered hall of fame-caliber no matter who you ask.


Jerry Lawler

Reigning over sports-entertainment since the 1970s, Jerry “The King” Lawler has thrilled in the ring as the pride of Memphis, Tenn. and entertained from the announce table as Raw’s most irrepressible broadcaster. Effective as both a hero and villain, The King enraged WWE fans when he offended Bret Hart’s parents during a personal rivalry with The Hit Man, and then inspired them when he stepped in the ring to challenge The Miz for the WWE Title at 61 years of age. This aptitude for every aspect of sports-entertainment has earned Lawler countless titles, legions of fans and entry into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Lawler’s voice has remained a staple of WWE programming ever since, but that hasn’t stopped him from getting in the ring. Often noted as one of the greatest Superstars to never hold the WWE Championship, The King nearly beat The Miz for the coveted title at Elimination Chamber in 2011 and took on his sniveling broadcast partner, Michael Cole, at WrestleMania XXVII. Competing in his fifth decade as a wrestler, Lawler proved that his piledriver — just like his wit — was still as devastating as ever. Hail to the King, baby.




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